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Nama Trip : Umroh Iktikaf 

Keberangkatan : Pekan ke-2 Mei 2020

Maskapai : Air Asia X / setaraf (menyesuaikan trip)

Kota Asal Keberangkatan : Jogja, Jakarta, Surabaya (Kota lain menyesuaikan)

Flight Detail : 

Indonesia – KUL (menyesuaikan)



KUL – Indonesia (menyesuaikan)

Hotel : 

Makkah : Al Nosour Al Zahabi / setaraf *bintang 3

Madinah : Abraj Taiba / setaraf *bintang 3

Harga : Rp 37.500.000


  • Di dampingi oleh Muthawwif dan Muthawwifah yang tak hanya berpengalaman, melainkan juga merupakan lulusan universitas Timur Tengah
  • Mendapat Kesempatan 2x Umroh
  • Melaksanakan I’tikaf selama bulan Ramadhan di Tanah Suci
  • Mendapatkan kesempatan 2x Jumat di Madinah dan Makkah
  • Merayakan Idul Fitri di Makkah
  • Ziarah kota Makkah-Madinah dan kajian rutin selama perjalanan
  • Berdoa di tempat mustajab: Hijr Ismail, Multazam, dan Raudhah
  • Special kunjungan ke tempat bersejarah lainnya di Haramain


  • Hari 1 : Kota Asal – Kuala Lumpur
  • Hari 2 : Kuala Lumpur – Jeddah – Madinah
  • Hari 3 : Ziarah Madinah
  • Hari 4 : Madina – Makkah (Umroh)
  • Hari 5-14 : Makkah
  • Hari 15 : Makkah – Jeddah – Kuala Lumpur
  • Hari 16 : Kuala Lumpur – Kota Asal 


Paket Termasuk : Tiket Pesawat PP, Hotel, Visa, Transportasi selama di Saudi, Makan 3x sehari, Zam-zam 5 liter/jamaah, Muthawif di Saudi, Handling Airport, One Day Training, Perlengkapan (Koper, jaket, tas ransel, ID card, name tag, koper, buku panduan, buku doa, kain ihrom (ikhwan), mukena + jilbab (akhwat))

Paket Tidak Termasuk : Pembuatan Paspor, Vaksin Meningitis, Surat Mahrom, Biaya kirim perlengkapan (jika melebihi Rp 50.000 per/jamaah), Pengeluaran & Belanja Pribadi.

Info Paket Umroh Bersahabat

Du Bai is a mythical town of lavish luxurious, where the speediest cars are not fast enough, the ladies are magnificent, and also the men are all able, serious, tough, capable and lovely. There’s nothing ordinary about this Arabian gem of a town, that which here is magnificent, top of the lineup, unique, beautiful, interesting, and ever willing to stand next to some guy, whatever his backdrop. Dubai is the type of metropolis that could have individuals from some other walk of life, with all types of professions – military, sports, commercial, political, media, finance, you name it, they’ve likely been there. This is the type of town which may accommodate to everyone’s requirements. However, this changes whenever you start looking into the darker aspect of things. You will realize that Dubai is not all glitz and glamour which it’s cracked up to be. Dubai gets the maximum quantity of prostitution examples over the whole east shore of Asia, which is actually lawful. That really is only because prostitution is guarded by national authorities at the UAE, that enables them to workin the escort dubai united states twelve hours a day, seven days a week. It is a currency getting marketplace in a way that other businesses from the spot are not. The problem lies with the Dubai escorts, who’re mostly indigenous UAEis who’ve overstayed their operating visa or come to the united states illegally. They are inclined to go swept up in the criminal sphere and end up procuring or selling sexual companies for clients from the form of prostitution, stripping or forced marriage and also the buying and selling of individual beings. Not only are such acts illegal however, also the police do very little to stop them. Those who’ve been charged with offences often face jail time, flogging, or paying heavy fines. Like a outcome, many more young vacationers, both locals and foreigners, are now subjected to the unwanted facets of prostitution, devoting their own safety in the practice.

The an escort New York is the best choice if westchester escorts you’re looking to realize your goals. The assistance of a professional agent anytime of night or day. This will allow you to take advantage of your stay in New York at its best. You’ll feel comfortable and will be able to enjoy your sexual experience in a private apartment. If you’re looking for a night out or would like to enjoy a date night with someone special an escort is the perfect way to make your fantasies come true. If you are seeking an escort NYC make sure you consider the kind of girl you’re looking for. Many of these beautiful women originate of Asia, although many others are found in different areas of the world. You could select one of these women based on her appearance or the way she acts. It is possible to find one close to your home or office. In the end, whatever sort of escort service you’re looking for, you’ll find one in the area! The most obvious way to get a girlfriend for a date in NYC is to look for an escort who is from the ethnicity. Even with their Asian heritage, they have the ability to seduce guys with only their looks as well as a bit of romance. They can be taken out on a night out with you , or go on the next one of your dates. A escort located in NYC can open up many doors. If you are in the market for a sexy Asian woman, then this city is the perfect place for finding the ideal sexual partner.

Dubai Escorts offer a private and sensual method to have an evening in Dubai. They’ll look well dressed and are fluent in English. If sex isn’t your thing they don’t charge to do it. They just charge companionship. However, if you’re need of some intimacy, Dubai escorts will offer the best of both worlds. Dubai Escorts are available online. Certain websites offer a database of verified dubai escorts escorts, while some are focused on promoting the escorts. No matter which website you use an account for an Dubai escort must include a link to their website. Requesting photos could be used to confirm the authenticity of the profile. There are girls who post pictures of others without identifying as clients. A great escort is essential to every trip, particularly in case you’re searching for more security. In Dubai The majority of escorts are available in the evening hours. Private escorts may be hired to attend private parties, but it is important to always be present. If you’re looking for an escort within Dubai You can reach an individual service on the internet or an escort agency directly. Make sure that you don’t consume alcohol while taking care of a prostitute or a prostitute, as it could result in one unpleasant experience for all who is involved. Dubai is home to many female escorts. Local escorts could be an excellent opportunity to meet women who you can share a date and also for fun and intimate dates. Many of these ladies can give blowjobs, massages or other services. their beautiful appearance is sure to make you the talk of the city. The ladies in these profiles are extremely hot and are able to satisfy even the most complex desires.

There’s a chance you’ll be wondering how to start if you’re looking for an escort service in Dubai. The first step is to visit the official website of the escort company. This is a great option to evaluate prices and ratings, however be careful – there are fraudulent individuals in the world! Before hiring local prostitutes, be sure to read reviews. There are some that are false or run by a scam agency. In addition, you must ensure that you’re not drinking alcohol while picking off whores as they won’t want to transport you back to your home following having a relationship. Although the practice of prostitution within Dubai is prohibited, it’s legal to have sex in Dubai by having an escort male. Prices for sessions varies according to the age of the girl and her race however, the majority of sessions cost within AED 150 and indian escort in dubai AED 2000. There are many options for affordable prices in case you aren’t confident having to pay that much. Think about hiring a female escort in India or Africa If you’re trying to stay within your budget. A female escort from Dubai can be a great option to enjoy a sexually sexy trip. Find the perfect woman to accompany you on your Dubai vacation, no matter what you’re seeking, whether a romantic getaway or something more formal. There’s plenty to enjoy in Dubai There are luxurious hotels, lusty beaches, and a variety of entertainment facilities which means it’s very easy to be bored! The Dubai escort can fill this void and make your stay much more pleasurable.

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